Types of Inspections We Provide

There are several different types of home inspection  services available to you through Pelican State  Inspection.

Pre-Purchase (Buyer's) Inspections

Pre-Purchase  Inspections are our most popular inspection. It is performed by the buyer after a property has been put on the market by a seller. The Pre-Purchase  inspection will help the buyer identify damage or other problems that may exist with a property prior to purchasing the home. Even if the seller has already performed a Seller's Inspection, buyers should still perform their own inspections to prevent "seller's bias" in any shape or form.

Lawn Sprinkler System Inspections

Your  Lawn Sprinkler Inspection Report will be included in the Plumbing System section of the Home Inspection Report from Pelican State Inspection. Your Sprinkler Inspection Report will include pictures of the general areas of each zone as well as pictures of some of the leaks or damaged heads we locate.  Our Lawn Sprinkler Inspection includes:

Your  Lawn Sprinkler Inspection will also note any issue of overspray outside the lawn / garden area. Sprinklers that spray directly on the house can cause damage to siding materials and trim. Sprinklers that spray in to the street or sidewalks will also be noted.

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New Construction (Builder) Inspections

A New  Construction Inspection is usually performed immediately after your newly built home has been completed and is considered "ready" for occupancy by the builder and appropriate legal authorities (such as a zoning or code inspector). This inspection will bring to light defects with the home that should be addressed by the builder. It they are not corrected you may be may end up paying for them yourself when you go to sell the house in the future. See "THE HOUSE WAS JUST BUILT, IS IT REALLY NECESSARY?" under our FAQ section for more information about the importance of having your new construction house inspected.

A typical inspection from Pelican State Inspection takes around 2 to 3 hours. These times may vary depending on the age, size and the condition of the home.  Pelican State Inspection encourages you to take a active part in your inspection by following the inspector through the inspection process. Your questions are always welcomed. At the conclusion of your inspection we recap the major problems with the home with you. However, it is very important that you read your report for the complete finding.   Home Inspections in: Shreveport, Bossier City, Benton, Haughton, Stonewall, Keithville, Greenwood, and Blanchard Louisiana