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Finding the Home of Your Dreams

We all would like to find the home of our dreams and to avoid falling into a nightmare. But what is the right way to go about that?

One of the best ways to do this is to think about the home inspection before you even put an offer in on the house.

Why is this important? Because one of the hardest parts of being a home inspector is finding serious issues that could have been caught before we even arrived for the inspection.

So before you start thinking about color schemes, how much you like the neighborhood, and how beautiful the kitchen is, try to look at the home with a critical eye.

You don’t need to be an expert, just pay attention to detail. Look up at the ceilings – are there any moisture stains? Look at the floors and walls – do they look level. Turn up the heat, walk around, and do your best.

You may not be as good as a home inspector, but you may be surprised at what you are able to catch on your own.

Preventing Garage Fires

We all know how important it is to be conscious of any potential fire hazard in our home, especially here in Florida, but what about our garage – especially when it’s attached to our house?

Garage fires can occur very easily, this is because our garage is where we store most of our flammable liquids ( paint cans, varnish, gasoline cans to name but a few).

It is also the place we are most likely to work on the car, motorbike, lawn mower etc. Here are a few tips on preventing your garage from being a potential fire hazard:

Clear your garage floor of anything with the potential to ignite easily such as oily rags or paper items, also clean up any spills and mess you may have made while working
Store all your potentially hazardous materials in clear, well-labeled containers
Check that the door that leads to your home from the garage is free from any gaps and is properly sealed, as dangerous fumes such as carbon monoxide can seep into your home
It is recommended that you have the garage checked by a Certified Home Inspector, as they can check to see if your walls and doors meet proper standards of fire safety, and also point out any areas that might need attention.

Having A Retirement Plan For Your Home

If you are approaching retirement age, preparing for a time when advancing age may mean you will be less active is not an enjoyable prospect. It is the course of wisdom though, to plan now to ensure life is a little easier in the future. What kind of plans can be made?

Of course, a healthy lifestyle is important to staying young, but what about our living situation? Can we make adjustments in our home to accommodate changing needs?

Start by looking at any areas of the home that are starting to need work. It might be a good idea to have areas like the roof or heating system inspected. That way you will know what to start budgeting for. Do you have plans to remodel any rooms of the house? Perhaps you could add certain features that would be good for someone with limited mobility.

Do you have family members who will be taking care of you should the need arise? Now is a good time to discuss the plans you have with them, that way they will know your wishes and be able to act accordingly. One subject that is wise to discuss is whether you would like to stay in your home if you become less mobile or if you would be content to move to a place that is equipped for your needs.

This might be a fitting time to think about putting money aside in a separate account for future home maintenance? This can eliminate worry later on. Review your finances and retirement plans to make sure they are all up to date and in order

Although thinking about this is not pleasant, preparing for it will help give you and your family better peace of mind.

Buying a Fixer-Upper

The TV shows make it all look so easy. Buy a fixer-upper, make some repairs, and then live happily ever after. Unfortunately, it is not quite that easy.

Before you buy a fixer-upper, consider a few things. First of all, your skill level. We all would love to think we are master level carpenters. But what about when things come up that you have never handled before? Learning is great, but not on an active heating unit, or with your home’s foundation.

Also, think about time. Do you work full time? Then fixing that house up may take up the majority of your free time.

Think too about the stress levels, especially if you are living in the house while remodeling it. Going without a kitchen is fun for a short time, but weeks go by and the stress of the remodel can build up.

Buying a fixer-upper can be a fun project and a great investment, but be sure you are ready for some of the downsides as well.

Pet Odors in Your New Home

So you found the home of your dreams. You were careful during the buying process, you viewed the home several times, and you checked everything very carefully. But the day you move in – you start to smell it…

This is, unfortunately, a pretty common scenario. Pet odors are pretty easily covered when listing a home, but they often come back afterward. So what can you do with pet odors?

Pet odors are difficult to get rid of, but not impossible. So let’s start with the basics.

First, wash all hard surfaces and repaint. Most people do this anyways when they move in.

After that, get your ductwork professionally cleaned. Many people clean their house, but forget about all of the dander and odor in their ductwork.

Also, if you have any carpeting, consider replacing it and treating under the carpeting at the subfloor. This may seem extreme (and expensive) but carpeting is very (very) difficult to properly clean from pet odors.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

Buying a Foreclosed Home

Aluminum Wiring….. Know the dangers

If you are thinking of buying an older home, you might want to consider the possibility that its wired with aluminum wiring.

Is this something you should be concerned about?

Here are a few factors to consider;

As you can see from this very brief overview, aluminum wiring can be quite dangerous especially as it poses a much greater fire risk than copper wiring

Please contact us for more information and also advice on what to do if you have aluminum wiring is in your home.

When Home Inspections Matter the Most


You have found the “perfect” home. It has everything you want, is in the right neighborhood, and best of all – it is well maintained and shouldn’t have any problems. Or at least it seems that way.

Whenever someone says they have the perfect house, that is when they need a home inspection the most. Why is that?

Because when a home seems perfect, we can mentally and emotionally put on “blinders” to issues that may be there. We have found some of the most serious defects on properties where people never expected it.

So keep you, your family, and your investment safe and have us perform a professional home inspection for you.

Dryer Fires is Louisiana

Whenever I see a story of another dryer fire in the news, it really hits me. Many times as I am performing home inspections here in LA I see the makings of a dryer fire, which is sad because many times it can be prevented. In the interests of my clients, here are a few reminders about hoe to prevent a dryer fire in your home:

  1. Clean your lint trap after EVERY use
  2. Don’t forget to clean the inside of the dryer as well (the lint trap doesn’t catch everything)
  3. If you own a gas powered dryer, be sure to regularly check for gas leaks
  4. Clean and check the vent hose regularly
  5. Clean the area around the dryer well and keep it free of too many items


What We Inspect

Our home inspections are thorough – very thorough. So much so that we have a reputation for it. But just because we are thorough on our home inspections doesn’t mean that we don’t like “another set of eyes”.

We like to work WITH our clients. Even though I run a sink, there is no reason for you to not run it too. The more we work together, the more we find, and the better you understand your home.

Watch this short video to see what we inspect for during your home inspection:


How Is Your Grading?

Many home buyers are unaware of how much slope (grade) is needed around a house foundation, but his is an important issue, because if the grading of your lawn is not proper, runoff can be directed toward your foundation and cause many issues.

So what is a proper rule of thumb? Most organizations agree that 6 inches for the first 10 feet around the home is best. This equals about a 5% slope. But more can be better as well.

Is your grading done properly? Contact us, and we will be happy to answer your questions!

Protect Your Home From Burglars

We all need to protect our homes from burglars, especially this time of year, when many go on vacation, so how about a few tips and pointers on how to do so.

Did you know?

What if you’re going to be away?

Try to make it look like someone’s home. Timer activated lights, TV or radio are a good idea. Make sure the yard is kept neat while you are away, also try keeping a car in the driveway.

Please contact us here at Pasco County Home Inspectors for more advice on how to protect your home.

Attic Ventilation

Here in Shreveport, attics get hot – very hot. That is why proper ventilation is so important.

Attics are like the “lungs” of your home. Attics need to breath – ie take in new aire while expelling the old.

What happens when your attic can’t “breathe” properly? It gets stagnant air, and can develop mold and other issues.

So how do you properly ventilate an attic? Well, there are actually many different ways.

One of the most common ways is to have a ridge and soffit vent system. In this system, hot air rises and leaves the attic through the ridge (the top of the roof), and this happens naturally.

As the hot air leaves, it takes in new air from the soffits at the bottom of the roof.

Whatever system you use, make sure that your attic is properly ventilated.

Buying a Home That Has Had a Previous Fire

What is Included on our home inspections

Tips For The BBQ

With summer already upon us no doubt we have already started thinking about the outdoor fun we’ll be having. One warm-weather essential is grilling and barbecuing. We wanted to mention a few tips to make sure your outdoor grilling will be safe and without incident.

It’s especially important to be vigilant at the beginning of the barbecue season since this is the most dangerous time to be starting up a propane grill. When a propane grill sits for a long period of time it’s important to check all of the connections and see if there are any leaks or rusted areas that could deteriorate and corrode certain parts to the grill.

One way to check the connections is by turning the gas on and spraying a soapy solution on the connection points to see if bubble form from any gas that might be escaping.

If you have a charcoal grill the risk of inhaling carbon monoxide (CO) is very possible. It is estimated that at least twenty people die annually by accidentally inhaling CO.

Make sure to be careful where the grill is placed and make sure it’s placed outside.

Risks also exist with electric grills. Basically, we just want to make sure everyone is safe while you’re enjoying that irresistible BBQ!

The Best Home Inspector In Shreveport

Harwood Floors

Everyone loves to have beautiful hardwood floors. In fact, many times on a listing it is advertised as a desirable feature that makes the home more valuable in the eyes of many buyers.

But if you have hardwood floors, what are some things to keep in mind?

Too often on a home inspection we find hardwood floors that have been neglected. One of the big areas that get deteriorated pretty fast are near doors. Water that we or our gusts track in seem fine at first, but they leave big dark marks in the wood they may not come out.

In those areas, try keeping a water proof mat over the floors. Also, try not to clean your wood floors with water, but use a hardwood cleaner instead.

Another point to keep in mind are pets. I have a dog myself – and I love my pup. But their claws can wreak havoc on your floors. Be sure to try and keep them from running in the home, which is when their paws do the most damage.

So while deteriorated hardwood floors are not the end of the world, keeping them nice is simple and effective.

Brominated Fire Retardants

Brominated Fire Retardants are an additive put into many products – such as couches, carpets, even tv’s. It is obviously a fire retardant, but it has also been linked to breast cancer.

Today, BFRs can be found nearly everywhere whether it is sediments in the river or dust within the home. As a result, it has been found in many animals including eagles, polar bears, and, perhaps most surprising of all, in sperm whales deep in the Atlantic Ocean waters. As well as in the atmosphere, the chemicals can be found near urban areas in rivers.

Despite all of this, the most concerning find so far has been within the blood of office workers in addition to breast milk. Considering this transfers directly from mother to child, this is worrying news.